30-days-meal-plan-3-kilos-in-1-month“LOSE 3 KILOS IN ONE MONTH” FOOLPROOF, SCIENCE – BASED & RESULT GUARANTEED !!

The new dietary system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight but also eliminate your body fat faster and safer than anything you’ve tried before. That’s why this trick is just like “The Magic“. Discover how you can easily lose up to 3 Kgs. of body fat in just 30 days!!

“The best way to lose weight and keep it off long term is to start eating healthily and exercise”


“The Magic Trick That Can Change Your Life Forever – Kick Away Your Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat In Just 30 Days

4 Weeks Weight Loss Meal Plan; Feel the different way of dieting and how to control your body fat efficiently “You are what you eat” and “Eating the right way is the best way to control your body fat” this is the truth about fat loss.

STOP!!.. Do Not Waste Your Time With Useless Tricks. This Is The Most Effective Fat Burning Techniques Ever Created!

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How to start eating to lose weight?………This is the ABC guide for anyone who is looking for the right way to killing its body fat by eating the right diet. Have you tried any other fat loss guide before? In fact there are many free tricks and tips online which you can easily follow. But they are not satisfied and fails to most users (It is really true!!) Do you know why? – They haven’t been proven yet and most of them are dangerous ways to shed the pounds so they can’t guarantee any result. It’s not only waste of your time but also gives an awful result. Forget your bad memories and get the most helpful guide.

Do you want to know why you should take this Magic Plan? Please learn more from below. Because most users report maximum benefits after one month using this program. That’s why we can guarantee a result. Find out the following:

  • You will not have to waste your time at the gym
  • You will eat healthy and delicious food
  • You will eat as much as you like
  • You will enjoy more energy
  • You will burn more calories even while you sleep
  • You will decreased body fat and get tighter
  • You will increase your well-being
  • You will enjoy a stronger and healthier body


What is “The Magic Diet Guide” and how to get it? The Magic Diet Guide is the only guidebook that guarantees you a loss of at least 3 kgs in 1 month (a lot of research has been done). As you know there are many fat loss guides that tell you will lose your belly at fast, lose 4-5 kgs in 4 weeks; fastest weight loss tricks; tips to get a flat stomach fast; lose weight without exercise in a week, healthy way to lose weight in 2 weeks, how to lose weight in 2 weeks; etc. But did you know that most people fail?! (more than 70%). You can change this situation by using the right guide which can guarantee a result. How lucky you are today, we would like to introduce “The Magic Diet Guide” the guide that can change your life and experience weight loss ever. This is the reason why you should get and try this magic trick.

Pros and Cons.

  • Easy and simple step based on science
  • Tons of previous research done
  • Best for anyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Healthy, flexible and delicious diet
  • Fast and efficient result
  • Effective fat burning techniques ever created
  • Fast metabolism, healthier, increased energy, decreased cellulite and improved cholesterol levels.
  • Lose weight without sides-effects
  • Allows you to live a normal life without worrying about the weight coming back
  • No risk (100% money back guarantee)


The Magic Diet Guide provides 7 days food plan but can be replaced with a similar kind of food. For example: Day 1 – If I don’t like the recommended food, or cannot find it in the supermarket, or whatever reason I can’t have it, what should I do? You can replace it by a similar food suggested. But please note  “It is not recommended”. Why? For the best result, you should first try the recommended food (the real magic food)


Using the guide is easy, Just “Read and Eat” that it is! Unlike most diet books “THE MAGIC GUIDE”comes with my personal. The great thing about this magic guide is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes. This is the short, simple, fast and safe guidebook ever created.


Try the Magic Guide today and see your amazing result within 1 month, Invest only $19.99 to get the right way to lose weight fast and safe.Just click on the “Download Now” button and download the entire magic guide.


$39.99 GET IT TODAY $19.99!! 

(Available in PDF with limited offer + 60 days money back guarantee, instant download!!)

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Because most users report maximum benefits after a few months, so we would like to share their feedback.

 Live Report

Name Age Country Date Started Duration (Month) Result (Kg.) Avg./Month
Kenneth N/A UK n/a 2.5 -7.3 -2.92
Anna J, 24 CA february, 2016 2 -6.25 -3.13
Andy 43 N/A february, 2016 1 -3.4 -3.40
James N/A USA n/a 1.5 -5 -3.33
Christina N/A AU March, 2016 3.5 -14 -4.00
Phile 25 CA March, 2016 3 -8 -2.67
Richard 34 USA March, 2016 2 -7.1 -3.55
Micky 30 TH March, 2016 1.5 -6.6 -4.40
John h. 44 USA March, 2016 2 -5.9 -2.95
Hanna 26 CN April, 2016 2.5 -6.8 -2.72
Sopeh 29 DE April, 2016 4 -14 -3.50
Mary John 19 USA n/a 2 -7.7 -3.85
Kiet Waiyee N/A AU May, 2016 2.5 -6.6 -2.64
Emma 33 N/A May, 2016 1.5 -5 -3.33
Jane H. 31 IN July, 2016 1 -4 -4.00
Fern Sopharee 42 TH July, 2016 2.5 -10 -4.00
Ohh Sehphase 23 IN July, 2016 3 -13 -4.33
Joash Roj. 26 SG July, 2016 3 -8 -2.67
Yuan C. Yu 22 CN n/a 2 -6.4 -3.20
Chen Lei 32 VN August, 2016 1.5 -4.7 -3.13
Huan 45 SG n/a 1 -2.8 -2.80
Singania Roha 40 IN September, 2016 1 -2.7 -2.70
Shinnavee 38 TH September, 2016 3.5 -13.5 -3.86
Deha Suvooni 22 IN october, 2016 3 -11 -3.67
Dave G. 19 UK November, 2016 2 -7.5 -3.75
Galohva N/A RU November, 2016 2 -6.3 -3.15
Sahari Mienyoo 34 IN November, 2016 1 -2.7 -2.70
Kraiwuth Thanti N/A IN n/a 4 -11 -2.75
Smith N.J. N/A CA n/a 2.5 -8 -3.20
Cheng Lei N/A CN December, 2016 2 -5.5 -2.75
Yumii Menabe 26 JP December, 2016 2 -6.2 -3.10
Roj J, Henry 34 UK January, 2017 2 -6.5 -3.25
Roland M. 30 UK January, 2017 1.5 -7 -4.67
Ja Monte 21 DZ January, 2017 2 -7.5 -3.75
Jimmy N/A USA February, 2017 3 -13 -4.33
R. Ginny 35 UK N/a 3 -8.5 -2.83
Gorge 38 USA March, 2017 2 -7.5 -3.75
Maria N/A CA March, 2017 1.5 -5 -3.33
Nina Hh. 42 USA n/a 1 -2.7 -2.70
Shen Y. Ju 36 CN April, 2017 1 -3.1 -3.10
Manee Jinsing N/A IN April, 2017 2 -7 -3.50
Emm J, 23 USA n/a 2 -6.5 -3.25
Jason 28 N/A n/a 2.5 -7.5 -3.00
Allan 48 UK May, 2017 2 -9 -4.50
Molli Mahabe 21 JP May, 2017 3 -11.5 -3.83
Simon h, 35 UK May, 2017 1 -2.5 -2.50
Shierra H. N 30 CO June, 2017 2 -8.5 -4.25
Mandy d Anderson 22 CA June, 2017 1 -2.8 -2.80
Nida 28 N/A June, 2017 2 -7.5 -3.75
Yu Chen Yi N/A CN July, 2017 2 -8 -4.00
Phean Heu N/A VN August, 2017 1.5 -5 -3.33
Joseph 30 USA August, 2017 1.5 -6 -4.00
Eian J. N/A FR August, 2017 1.5 -4 -2.67
Shane Ye Hui N/A CN September, 2017 1 -3 -3.00
Chen Yen Ui 26 SG September, 2017 1 -3.5 -3.50



Begin to see real results in as little as 7 Days!


Q: Is “The Magic Diet Guide” for men or women?
A: Regardless of your age, gender. “The Magic Diet Guide” help you lose weight. This is the only one guidebook which help you consume fewer calories expend more calories than you consume which is essential for weight loss

Q: Can “The Magic Diet Guide” help me lose more than 3 kgs a month?
A: It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 3 kgs or more. The guide will help you achieve your ideal body weight. But result may vary for each person

Q: Is it hard to find ingredients to create my diet?
A: I understand that some of you may have limited access to certain foods based on where you live but I can assure you that each of them should be able to find at the supermarket

Q: Am I going to have to spend hours in the kitchen every day?
A: The “Magic Diet Guide” were designed with busy people in mind and most of them will only need a few minutes to prepare and cook. You can also cook in advance and save them for another day

Q: I have no idea how to cook, is “The Magic Diet Guide” still for me?
A: You can find almost of them at the supermarket

Q: Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg in groceries to prepare these fat burning recipes?
A: The exact opposite, you will actually save money by eating our recipes as some of our recipes cost only about $1 dollar per serving!

Q: I am 30 years old, will “The Magic Diet Guide” still work for me or someone considerably older?
A: No problems! the plan will not only help you lose weight but you will also feel younger, healthier skin and have more energy

Q: What if it doesn’t work?
A: I insist that you will get a 100 percent refund (within 60 days), no questions asked money back guarantee, automatically refunded on your account and don’t even have to contact us

Just test it today. Experience the results for yourself. That is a more than fair deal, right?

Q: When I purchase “The Magic Diet Guide”, how is it delivered to me?
A: The guide is a digital publication (PDF). When you make your purchase, you will be sent an email. Once the link in the email is clicked, the file will download to your device. You can save the document to your computer

Q: I have some more questions. Can I talk with you before buying?
A: Do not hesitate to reach me and I’ll take care of you

Yes, I would like to try the magic diet guide!!



Please share your testimonials, suggestions, comments, success stories and questions about how to lose weight in 1 month to me personally at komkrit_cmu at hotmail .com

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