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 Hello Online Marketer,

My name is Chris and I’ve been working with online marketing business for 9 years. Based on my extensive online experience, I can tell you what are the biggest difficulties you can find in setting up an online business.

Let me share with you some of the challenges I went through while working with online business. I started by doing several researches to find out:

the easiest way to get paid online;
the kinds of online business that really generate money;
the fastest way to generate income from online business.

I first started working with various Affiliate Websites such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Prosperent, VigLink and LinkShare. I found out that Amazon Affiliate Websites were the ones that generated the highest commission. So I worked very hard with this program to generate the best possible commission. I set up to work only for Amazon. I got massive commission every month for about 3 years. Then, suddenly, one day my account was closed for no apparent reason given by Amazon Affiliate program and all unpaid commission was simply cancelled. I didn’t receive any $ that was still due to me. I emailed them about this issue several times, tried to get my account back operating but nothing happened. They just ignored my emails and requests. Sad story!

What to do next? I started searching again how to make money in the fastest way, from other Affiliate programs. Most of these programs hold your payment for about 2-3 months before the first payment is made to you. After plenty of reading online, I found one Affiliate program which is well recommended to online marketers. ClickBank. It is a digital product download and I can generate commission from percentage of the sales that the vendor gets. After a month, I started to work with ClickBank, promoting many products which I listed on marketplaces. Can you believe that? I got my first commission paid within the month because ClickBank does not hold your payment like other Affiliate programs do, but you must to work with at least 5 different types of payment options. The commission earned from ClickBank is very good!!

I worked for ClickBank for approximately 6 years. The ‘glit’ is that I realized I could work not only as ClickBank affiliated but also as a vendor. If I work as an affiliated, I have to work all the time. If I stop, I cannot earn any commission, correct? The answer is Yes! If I am the vendor of my own product, I can always get sales commission through other affiliates who sell my product for me. Even if I stop working, my product still sell through ClickBank affiliates, correct? The answer is Yes! I found the real meaning of PASSIVE INCOME (vendor) and ACTIVE INCOME (affiliate).

You may ask: why am I here? What is the reason I am talking about myself? Because once before I was in the same situation you are now, I was the one who tried to make money from the internet. I tried many ways to generate an income online, I did lots of researches, worked with no previous online experience at all, marketing products that didn’t work out. Eventually something went well. And that taught me a lot.

Now I’m here and would like to share with others how to make money online, especially you who just found my site. This is your lucky day! I will reveal my secret knowledge about Passive Income, which you cannot find just anywhere online. Here is the shortcut to it.

You may be wondering: Why would I share my roadmap with other people? I tell you why: the full guide is not free and I will get commission from this product’s sales. I offer the best examples of my online business experience, which you can follow as a shortcut. I believe this is a reasonable exchange. I will tell you all my secrets about selling digital products, tips and tricks to achieve fast success in making money online, and how to generate regular passive income from the internet so that you can stop working and still get paid. How?

You can start your own business with a very small investment (not over $100). It is real! You just need to follow my guide. I wish you every success!


Chris, 2017.

The Differences between Affiliate and Vendor

Affiliate (Active Income): earn from commission. Stop working = Stop earning

Vendor (Passive Income): earn from your own digital product. Stop working = Still get massive sustainable income (from affiliates who will work for you)

What would you prefer? Certainly the answer for most people would be “Vendor”. However it is not easy, it is also not difficult to be a digital product owner.
Learn from the best resource. I reveal every detail about how to start. My guide will help you with directions about what product can sell as digital download; which websites you can sell your product best and why. I tell you step by step how to prepare your product; how to set up your landing page; how to find or seduce potential affiliates; how to get fast approval from ClickBank (CB); products that are allowed or not; set up terms and conditions + product approval fee + payment and commission + choose product category in marketplace; special tricks and shortcuts to succeed on selling your digital product; all steps from creating your first product until listing on CB marketplace; top secrets that every vendor never reveals, facts and truth you need to know to become an Online Passive Income Earner

Imagine if you can;

  • make real Passive Income, freeing yourself from routine work;
  • have your own digital products with no cost, no stock and never pay warehouse rental;
  • sell from anywhere anytime through Affiliates;
  • make your dream come true – find a smart job;
  • get paid weekly or monthly with your own designed product;
  • have a network of affiliates working for you;
  • leave to others to do the marketing and sales for you.

All you have to do is create your digital product, send it for approval, setup your payment system, affiliate commission and get paid by amazing sales from a trusted online digital store, with many affiliates working there (CB).

Even if you are a Beginner, Affiliate, new online Marketer, have no experience and just started learning how to make money online, this information is important for you. I strongly recommend my tips to you. All I can say is “Just try it!”. I’m sure you can also succeed.
Or would you like to live like this? Routine work; every day in an office from 8 am to 5 pm; doing boring office work; no time to do other things you like; have your work controlled by an annoying boss; no freedom in your life; have to wait till end of month to get a small salary; amongst other limitations in life.

Would you like to be like this?


working from home using internet guide            office working and offline job            working in the office as a regular job

Or, like this


how to work from home using internet       Internet income training online course     onsen


Start working in your own business now, selling your product through affiliates keen to work for you. You may stop working but will not stop receiving income from your digital download products. Earn 24 hours a day, and still have plenty of time to do anything you like. Free yourself from routine work, get regular pay from a trusted digital product; make your dream job come true.


Totally your choice
Just do it!

This Guidebook Will Change Your Life Forever!

Why work for other people? Let them work for you!

Copy My Entire Business Program And Potential Affiliates Will Be Ready To Work For You

Just read this before making your decision:

-The Only Guidebook that teaches you how to generate real passive income;

-The Only Guidebook that reveals facts and truth about digital product;

-The Only Guidebook that tells you top secrets never revealed by CB vendors;

-The Only Guidebook that helps you to follow a business program;

-The Only Guidebook that gives you the best opportunity to own a digital product;

-The Only Guidebook that guarantee you will generate passive income online;

-The Only Guidebook that offers you shortcuts, tips and tricks, best/worst selling products, dos and don’ts, fast track approval tips and all essential guidance to become a CB’s vendor;

-The Only Guidebook that teaches you from the writer’s experience, not easy to find in any online source;

-The Only Guidebook that teaches step by step, the easiest way to achieve success making sustainable passive income (most vendors will keep those secrets for themselves to reduce competition in the online market);

How lucky you are to have this great opportunity to copy the success of an online business blueprint from a successful internet marketer.

Truly revolutionary internet business ideas that can generate a sustainable passive income for you!

There is a saying “Many ways lead to Rome”. My blueprint offer a way to Rome. If you are looking for good leads to get you there, this is the right one for you.

Clickbank affiliates program

Double your commission as an affiliates and vendors

Double Money From Affiliate by Vendor - ClickBank1

If you are the digital product owner, you will get massive traffic from potential affiliates. Even if some of them don’t buy your product at the time, they may still be interested in other related products. If you can sell your product directly on the page, you will probably get an affiliate’s commission by selling other top-selling ClickBank’s products. So you have to think what kind of hot products you should promote in your website (Top 10 that proved right)

It looks easy, doesn’t it? But did you know that “only few digital products can sell” Most products are not saleable. But who will tell you that secret? Nobody. Other online sources will keep this as Top Secret. All you can do is test and market research by yourself – spend a lot of time to gain experience and take long time to succeed

Follow this E-book, all tricks are from experience; no need to do marketing research anymore:

  • Get help creating your own digital product (find out what can and can not sell). Get full information about top products in ClickBank that can sell – guaranteed!!
  • Get help registering the product in ClickBank marketplace (with A-Z steps to get fast approval)
  • Get tips to set up commission scheme attractive to affiliates to make them interested in your product
  • Get help setting up payment system, payment options, payment threshold, and payment frequency system
  • Find out top secrets and tricks for new ClickBank vendors; or people who are interested to work with online business as vendor
  • The reason I recommend ClickBank is because they have massive potential affiliates network who can generate enormous sales in trusted business websites for long time, that offer security to customers (searchers)

Snapshot of daily sales from the first ClickBank product (3 months after listed in marketplace)


1st. month

CB-Sale Stat1

3 months later

You will have more time and money to do what you like. These pictures show where you can be after getting regular income through my e-Book. Your daily task will be to check your earnings from ClickBank report. You will be able to do this anywhere. All you will need is internet connection.

freed from routine job selling ebook online with clickbank and get passive income Travel and get money from internet  would like to work online from home

Work with freedom from online

100 percent proved that works!

“What has not started today will never be
finished tomorrow”

How to get the guides? Just invest a little bit here!

Easy way to get these valuable guidebooks – download and save to your computer or other devices so you can learn anywhere or anytime you like. Just only one important thing I would like to tell you: “My guides are not a miracle, you must read through them carefully and follow the steps provided from A to Z, then I can guarantee you will be successful as described”.


eBook cover ClickBank vendor guide - Passive income online


Passive Pro 1. Insider

  • Introduction to Passive Income;
  • Step by step to easily make passive income online;
  • Recommendation to products which can make huge amount of money online;
  • Introduction to the best marketplaces to sell your digital product and the reasons why;
  • Shortcut to select best seller digital product, dos and don’ts, how to get fast approval from CB and other special tricks which you can learn from successful CB’s vendor experience;
  • Blueprint that you can easily copy business ideas;
  • Revelation of all secrets to success, as a digital product’s vendor;
  • Other special tricks and tips that you would never discover from any other online source.

Why should I get this guide? What am I investing on? Is it a real valuable guide?

Yes, you’re about to purchase a valuable knowledge that comes from 9 years’ experienced online marketer who is ready to help all newbies or affiliates interested to change the way of online work (from active to passive). What are the benefits from this secret guide? You don’t need to do anymore research about what products can sell or not (top secrets revealed that others vendors would never reveal; essential tips and tricks to become a successful online marketer; save your time (the guide is a shortcut); step-by-step road map teaching by experience; reveal most mistakes which can happen to new internet marketer and show how to prevent them; dos and don’ts; secrets to achieve fast success. Isn’t it a reasonable investment? All this for Only US$29.99. This is the best value for your sustainable way to get online passive income, buy experience and copy success from online business ideas now. Trust me: these e-books can change your experience working online forever!!

60 days money back guarantee, to make sure you are choosing the right blueprint!

eBook cover ClickBank vendor guide - Passive income online

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Get The Guidebook (49.00), Now Just $29.99 CLICK!

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